Nominating a conservative Republican who is principled and can hold retiring Senator Pat Roberts’ seat is a top priority for Kansas Republicans this coming election cycle.  Voters rejected the party’s nominee for governor in 2018.  We can’t afford to let that happen in the upcoming U.S. Senate race.  The consequences stretch far beyond the borders of our state – with national implications.

Polling of Republicans throughout the country continues to show that President Trump is immensely popular.  That’s no different in Kansas.  Not only is the president popular amongst the GOP base, but also his popularity amongst all voters in Kansas is one of the highest in the nation.  His popularity centers around not only the policies he has made central to his administration, but also his business background and non-politician approach to getting things done.  However, voters in Kansas want a senator who is not only supportive of the president’s agenda, but also one who will also be a fighter and advocate for the people of Kansas.

Dave Lindstrom is that candidate.  A lifelong businessman and former defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Lindstrom has the kind of unique background voters – and Republicans – are looking for in their next U.S. Senator.

After playing nine years in the NFL, seven with the Chiefs, Dave chose to leave the league and started his journey in the business world that saw him engage as a real estate associate, a registered broker and a developer, owner and operator of several successful Burger King restaurants in Overland Park, Louisburg and Kansas City.  Seeking to build on his business success, Dave’s involvement and leadership in Kansas Special Olympics, countless charities and community associations have all impressed upon him the necessity to help others.

Dave’s focus in the United States Senate will be no different.  A conservative, pro-growth, pro-job Republican, Dave will work with those who believe that an individual’s best chance of success is a good quality education and the prospect of solid employment.  Jobs and entrepreneurship are the foundations of success in any society.  Sadly, there are those in Washington who believe that subservience to the federal government is where the future lies, a prospect seemingly impossible just a few years ago.

While fighting for those jobs of the future and protecting the farming communities of Kansas, Dave will also work to ensure that our national security and our Armed Forces continue to be the best in the world.  Part of having a real national security starts with a wall on our southern border and immigration policies that reward those who follow the rules.  As a father, Dave is also committed to a culture of life in our society and believes that those who continue to push for late-term abortions, even after birth, must be stopped.

Republicans in Kansas deserve a commonsense, focused and successful business leader as their next nominee for the United States Senate.  Dave Lindstrom will bring that real-world experience based in Kansas, not in Washington, into play every day.  A conservative who believes that our country’s best days lie ahead of us, not behind us.